Our History

County Sligo Surf Club was founded in the early 1970s and is one of the older surf clubs in Ireland. The Surf Club is located in the seaside village of Strandhill, County Sligo.

Strandhill Beach offers several great quality surf breaks and is renowned for being one of Ireland’s most challenging and consistent surf beaches.

The Surf Club House – then the “Maritime Center”, was opened in 2000 to promote and support water sports and an active community.

The present Surf Club building is owned by the council, run by the Maritime Board and is co-habited by Voya, two surf Schools and the Co Sligo Surf Club. The general agreement is that the present building is not ‘fit for purpose’ and there is a feasibility study which is expected to be completed in the next month or so which will allow the Council, Maritime Board and Co Sligo Surf Club to objectively decide the most suitable future home for the club. As the information comes to hand we will be organising a sub committee to evaluate the information and relay updates to the active club members.

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