County Sligo Surf Club is a volunteer Surf Club on the North-West coast of Ireland with a dramatic coastline and an abundance of waves of exceptional quality.

Founded in the early 1970s, County Sligo Surf Club is one of Ireland’s oldest surf clubs. The club was established by community-minded individuals with a keen interest in surf sports, local heritage and our beautiful Atlantic Ocean and surroundings.

Come Join Our Club

We welcome new members to our surf club!

Membership is paid annually per calendar year. Membership runs from January to December. For the year 2023, the membership fees are as below. €10 from all fees goes to the Irish Surfing Association.  

  • €25 Junior Membership (Under 18 years of age.)
  • €50 Senior Membership

Families are a hugely important part of our club but unfortunately, due to limitations of Irish Surfing’s membership platform we are unable to offer a family membership option. Instead, we have lowered the price of our junior membership significantly. 

Membership includes:

  • Liability insurance under Irish Surfing Association

  • Access to change rooms and showers in the new Centre of Excellence

  • Access to take part in all local, national  and club events and competitions

  • Many club surf programmes (See below)

There are a number of steps required to complete the membership process. Please take the time to  read these instructions to help you complete membership sign up. If after reading the instructions, you still have difficulty joining then please contact us at enquiries@countysligosurfclub.com

Surf Programmes

In 2023, We will be offering the following programs & events:

  • Dolphin Sessions – Introduction to the ocean & surf for kids. Book here
  • Paddlers & Rippers – Intermediate and Advancing surfers
  • Shells Parent & Adult Sessions – Fun & coaching 
  • Social events & fun club competitions

While we always try to work with volunteers where possible, the safety of our members is paramount when running programmes.  There will be a small contributory fee (max €15 per session) to take part in some of our planned programmes so that we can ensure that there is always the correct ratio of professional certified instructors keeping us safe. We will add to these programs during the season as the conditions and member demand evolves.


Dolphin Sessions (Introductory level for kids):

Paddlers & Rippers (Intermediate and Advancing surfers):

Shells Parent & Adult Sessions: