The Surf Club Today

2016/2017 has been our most successful one to date. We have over 200 active members.  

In 2017, the Surf Club offered members a course and upskill in Children’s Safeguarding 1 at two separate occasions; This as a direct result of feedback from all active members of the club over the last year. Our guiding principle for making any and all decisions for Co Sligo Surf Club is that the welfare and safety of our children is the most important factor. This will be our guiding philosophy as we map out the future of the club, over the next few months and years.


  • The Surf Club certified 4 new surf coaches, after Swim Life-Saving exam.
  • Six volunteers received Certificate of Attendance Children’s Safeguarding 1.
  • A Children’s Officer was appointed.
  • We were given a bunch of blue foamies by Zoe Lally, ISA, to mix up our board range a bit for our members.
  • We arranged Senior Members National Comp; Sligo Masters Surf Comp
  • We arranged Junior Members National Comp; Co Sligo Surf Club, Roxy and Quiksilver Junior Surf Competition
  • Social Events for young children, Juniors & Seniors to celebrate our passion for surfing and love for the ocean.


  • The Surf Club certified 5 new surf coaches, after Swim Life-Saving exam.
  • XX volunteers received Certificate of Attendance Children’s Safeguarding 1.

For the autumn/winter season 2018, our latest generation of trainee coaches has been working hard in the pool preparing for the swim life-saving exam. We are delighted to say that our members have made a fantastic effort and successfully passed their exam!

We continually strive to improve our skills, grow as a surf club and welcome members who wish to improve their water safety and coaching skills.

Would you like to help out?

We welcome anyone interested in becoming a volunteer, in any capacity, from surf coaching to social, and admin positions. Contact:

We always Welcome Volunteers of all capacities, contact us if you would like to help out.
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